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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Start point
It's been a very long time since I go for cycling. The last time should be almost 1 year ago at Pulau Ubin. It's even longer since I last go for night cycling. I can't remember the last time.

We met at City Hall for dinner first. We were supposed to rent the bike before 10pm. I was late for dinner, and we barely made it to the bicycle shop before 10pm. The shop is at East Coast Park.

[IMAGE: Thierry's Injury]
Thierry's Injury
Our first stop is at Changi Village. We originally wanted to go Bedok eat mince meat noodles first before heading north to Seletar Dam. In the end we sort of got lost but decide to continue down the road to Changi Village. Thierry had a bad fall. He slipped while trying to dismount the bike.

[IMAGE: Toilet out of bounds]
Toilet out of bounds
We stopped at the first toilet that we came across for Thierry to address his wounds, which is this seemingly nice pub along East Coast Park. It's pretty near the Yacht Club. They refused us, saying the toilet is only for members and customers. Idiots they are I think. How bad is it to let some public to use their toilets? Not like there are a lot of people walking around that area that wants to use their toilets. Maybe Thierry should have point out his injury to them, complete with doe eye look and wailing voice, and they may take pity on him. Anyway, at first I thought it's a nice place and we should make our way there some time. Guess not now.

[IMAGE: Changi Village]
Changi Village
We took the road behind Changi Airport, near the hangar. It's a never ending road. It's like thinking you have been cycling forever, but when you look up, there's still no end in sight. It gets pretty boring and demoralizing after awhile.

We did manage to make it to Changi Point at the end. We had some drinks there and we are off on our way again. We left by Loyang Road this time. We even stopped by the haunted Old Changi Hospital. It's really eerie, but I think the old commando camp is worse. There's a bunch of young kids exploring the place as well. They were making a lot of noise trying to scare the girls in their group.

[IMAGE: Fengshan Center]
Fengshan Center
The next stop is the Fengshan center. We came here for the minced meat noodle. They sell only soup noodle, and not the dry noodle. It is really nice. I had 2 bowls while the other 3 shared 1 bowl. Sharon was skeptical about the deliciousness of the noodle before eating. She was convinced after she tried it.

[IMAGE: Tired out]
Tired out
The last place to visit for the night is Geylang. We wanted to have some 豆浆油条 (Soya bean curd and dough stick). Thierry asked me if we should take the shorter route or longer route. Thinking that we have some time on our hands, I told him to go by the longer route. Little did I realize that by longer route, he meant going 1 round around Bedok Reservoir and before going down the road that would be the shorter route. The path in Bedok Reservoir is not gravel road, and it's quite tough traveling on the sandy road. It took quite a lot out of us. We were so tired that we can't continue on our journey when we came out of the reservoir. We can only rest in the bus stop for sometime before we can continue.

[IMAGE: Breakfast]
We finally made it to Geylang to have the last supper of the night, or is it first breakfast of the morning? We had our 豆浆油条 and it's still early when we finished.

[IMAGE: Geylang]
It was about 4am at that time. We are supposed to return the bikes earliest at 7am. We laze at the shop until almost 5am before making our way back to East Coast Park. As East Coast Park is quite nearby, we cycle 1 round around Geylang Lorong 6 and 8. Nothing much to see there, most of the shops had closed and the workers had gone for the night.

[IMAGE: McDonald's]
We travel by Mountbatten Road to Fort Road to the beginning of East Coast Park along the cycling track back to the bicycle rental shop. It's 1 familiar path as it's the route that we use when we were in line skating. And the bicycle shop is the same shop that we rented our skates. We did not head direct to the bicycle rental shop though. We had a rest near McDonald’s as it's still too early. We stayed at McDonald’s for more than 1 and 1/2 hours.

After we returned the bikes, we went to Ecquaria as Sharon needs to settle some work stuff before going home. We really feel battered by then. How we long for a nice long sleep to rest our tired legs, aching muscles and painful butt.

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Anonymous Dhanny said...

Pretty interesting experience ... but very tiring. Unfortunately for me, I could not sleep during daytime .. gosh ... so after reaching home, I still had to stay awake until the night ... then can rest properly. But it was fun!!!

3/15/2006 2:01 PM  
Blogger CiNdY VaLeNCiA KoH said... you have the contact for the bike shop that closes at 10pm? =)

1/08/2009 5:59 PM  

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