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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Don't really wanted to write abt this as I've been there countless times liao. :P Sharon wanted to bring Daniel and Sotong there, so Thierry, Dhanny and I went along.

We had our dinner there. Samwin came to join us as well, but he left after he finished his dinner as he's got a gym session.

The first game we played is Guesstures. Played this game sometime back. I am in the same team with Sharong and Thierry, just like last time. We won again, but this time just barely. But we were just unlucky. We could have thrashed them. :P

Next we played ImagineIff. This game is to test what your friends think of you. Points are given to those who shares similar views. I am last for this game I think. Either me or Thierry. Sharon is way way ahead at 1st.

The next game we played is boss. Everyone took turns to throw a dice and move a counter around the board. We will be handed different deals of varying conditions and amount. If you do not hold sufficient cards to meet the conditions, you are supposed to negotiate with the rest who has the cards you needed. The 1 who makes the most money wins. Again, I am the last.

After that we laze around a bit. They had just installed a nice awning. Maybe we'll sit on the balcony next time. We shall see.

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Anonymous THierry said...

Think you came out last in ImaginIff... wahaha

3/13/2006 3:27 AM  

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