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Sunday, March 12, 2006

After having our cycling session only the day before, we are back in East Coast Park again. This time, it's for some Inline skating. This time, there are 2 newcomers. Steph and Samwin.

=.= was late, and that left Thierry alone to teach the 2 newbie. Sharon and I can't do much. So we go off on our own. We did turn back after awhile to go check out on them, and guess what? Thierry had a fall again. Steph lost her balance and pulled him down with her.

We stayed at the beginner's corner for awhile, letting the 2 newbie get more comfortable with their skates. Oddly, despite it being the beginner’s corner, it's actually quite dangerous as there are a lot of experts do stunts there and skating at a pretty high speed. We left the place when =.= came.

Now =.= can teach Steph, while Thierry teach Samwin. I stayed with Thierry to help. Sharon went off on her own. After awhile, I got impatient and went off as well. Can't do much with them anyway. I had traveled only halfway when I met Sharon coming from the opposite direction. She told me that time is almost up, so I turned around and followed her. We met with Steph and =.= first. Surprisingly, Steph had pretty much learned to skate already. We got them to turn around and head back as well.

Thierry and SamwinThey are not gay. Thierry is just teaching Samwin skating. Did I say they are not gay? Ya, they are not gay. Is that Thierry fondling his crouch? I think his hand just happens to be there. Don’t worry think too much, they are not gay.

We met Samwin and Thierry after awhile. Samwin is still struggling with the skates, that wimp. I suggested to Thierry that maybe he can swap with =.= when he caught up with them later.

Sharon and reached the Skates Rental shop first. We had a long wait before Thierry came back with Steph. So he really did change student with =.=. It was awhile more before =.= came back with Samwin. The shop owner told us that Steph and Samwin came back too late and got them to pay $6 more.

5-Star chicken
Sharon and I wanted to get our own wrist guards as the 1s provided by the rental shop are quite yucky and lousy. And Steph wanted to get her own pair of skates. So We head down to East Coast park for dinner, where there is a inline skating shop nearby.

We had dinner at this place call 5-Star Chicken. I went to the branch at River Valley Road. It's quite good. But I don't think this East Coast Road branch measures up.

Salomon Deemax 3
At the skates shop, the people inside are all very young people. The oldest among them is 20. Anyway, Steph couldn't get her skates as the pair she wanted do not have her size. It was sold out. They were having a promotion and they are not going to get any more stocks until April, when the promotion ends. Not being able to resist the temptation of the promotion, I got myself a pair of Salomon Deemax 3 skates. So did Samwin. I did not even get the wrist guards as I did not see the 1 I wanted.

So I set out to get a pair of wrist guards and ended up with a pair of skates instead. And a guaranteed 40 year friendship. Haha!

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