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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, they did have the pork knuckle, though they do not have a lot of other items in their menu.

We have our pathetic gathering today. Only 3 of us. Hamsup, Yvonne and me. Yvonne was held up at work and was late. I arrived about few minutes after Hamsup. I had wanted to try the pork knuckle of Baden Baden, and so it is there that we go. I ordered their drunkel beer, as usual.

As we wait for Yvonne, we were feeling hungry. We ordered a plate of calamari which we finished pretty fast, and we ordered another plate of fried sausage. Both were quite nice.

Baden Baden

Turned out none of them wanted to eat the pork knuckle and it's pretty big, for 2 people, so no Pork Knuckle for me. Hamsup wanted the rib eye steak, but they don't have. Then he ordered fish and chips and they don't have as well. In the end he settled for bolognaise spaghetti, which is what Yvonne ordered.

I wanted meatballs, but they don't have it as well. Then I ordered Gordon Blue, which is fried pork with ham and cheese inside.

The pork Gordon Blue is really nice. According to Hamsup and Yvonne, their spaghetti isn't nice as well. So I guess can only eat sausages and pork knuckles there.

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