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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have a dinner date with Apple tonight. I knew her from ICQ. She's Malaysian and has come to Singapore to work less than 6 months ago. I've not met her since she came, so asked her out for dinner tonight.

We arranged to meet at Sommerset MRT at 7:30pm. I have 2 reserved library books to collect by tomorrow. So I thought I shall leave slightly before 6:30pm and maybe reach Jurong East at 7pm, collect the books and make my way to Sommeset should be just about right.

Of course, things will go wrong with this kind of plan. I did not manage to board the bus until 6:50pm. It's impossible to go Jurong East by 7pm. It was already 7:10 when I reach Holland Village. I was thinking if I should alight and go to Orchard Road direct. I decided on continuing to Jurong East and be late for my appointment with Apple.

On the way to Clementi, there are quite a few jams. And with my conscience pricking, I alight the bus some distance from Clementi MRT. Taking a bus to Orchard at that time should be very bad. And I am too far from any MRT stations to walk there. So I took a cab. The route I took happens to back track the bus route until Holland Village. 1 wrong decision, and I wasted time to travel to Clementi and back. And the cab fare. Grr.

[IMAGE: Food]
Luckily, the dinner turns out enjoyable enough. We went to Marche at Hereen. I ordered rosti, ham and chese crepes and stir fry vegetables in oyster sauce. If you can see the picture above, you'll see 4 dishes. This is because I piled so much vegetables on my 1 small plate that you need 2 bowls to contain them. It was always a thrill to order stir fry vegetables from Marche. Cheap thrill.

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