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Monday, December 11, 2006

I was discussing with Ah Huay and Samwin Clive about meeting up tomorrow. Ah Huay suggested a Sichuan restaurant at Bugis. Below is our conversation.
Ah Huay: ok,,the restaurant is not the classy classy kind hor, its in a shop house along beach road, opp plaza hotel
StupidGenius: duno plaza hotel.
Ah Huay: actually i nvr been there b4
Ah Huay: later i go racky the place
StupidGenius: recce
Ah Huay: ar?
StupidGenius: it's spelled recce. not racky.
Clive: hahaha..
Ah Huay: not rackey meh..hahaha
Clive: yalor.. i tot rackey
Clive: not recce

Oh Well. Check here.

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