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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I failed my fitness test last year. So I have to complete my RT by September. Unfortunately, I left it till too late to book my training sessions. I managed to get the very last session. Even then I forgot to go. So I was charged.

Luckily I was let off with a warning this time. But they booked a session for me starting last Sunday. I have to go for RT training on Sunday afternoon and Thursday evenings. During the first session, I saw my primary school classmate, Puma. Then I saw Philip, my CSM. It was a small world I thought.

Philip and I decide to change our session to Sunday morning and Tuesday evenings. Having RT training on Sunday afternoon spoils the whole Sunday. I went for my first weekday lesson yesterday, and I found out that the world is even smaller. First, I met Mark. He was assigned to me for his Industrial Attachment 6 years ago. Then I saw 2 of my men during active time, 10 years ago. Follwed by another friend. This guy I forgot how I met him. Should be my junior during secondary school. Then I saw another 3SG of my unit there. I just keep bumping into friends and say Hi again and again. I gues I have a lot of friends born in the the later part of the year.

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