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Saturday, December 09, 2006


My cable modem is getting on it's years. Although it's still alive and well, it's not able to perform it's job to an acceptable standard anymore. Since yesterday morning, it had not been able to hold on the connection for more than 20 seconds. I called up the ISP service center and they told me they had diagnosed it to be faulty and cannot be used anymore.


I've had this modem for about a year. It's job was to be the voice modem for my phone line. When the old modem retired, this voice modem has been promoted to cover my internet connection duties as well. I've no immediate plans to get another modem to cover the internet connection duties, so all the best to this modem and hope it do a good job. If it should fall sick, I'll be without both internet connections and phone. Gasp!

You carry great responsibilty now. Gambate!

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