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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another obituary. Times are really bleak. I don't have the details to what has happened, so I wrote down what understand so far. I received news of Art Beng's dad being hospitalised slightly more than 1 month ago. At the age of 85, his body was weak. The doctors diagnosed him to have about 6 months left.

If things are bad enough, the hospital staff says that they are not eligible for govenrment subsidy. Somehow, the means testing that's not supposed to be implemented somehow crept into the way the hospital handle their patients. Fortunately, Art Beng is able to argue his case against the staff.

And, since there's no hope for the old guy, the hospital requests that he moved his dad to hospice instead. They conveniently overlooked the fact that his dad is not able to eat anything and has to be on drip. There's no dripping facility in the hospice...

Last friday, he's still complaining to me about the hospital. Yesterday, when I asked him about it, he told me his dad is already in a hospice. Today, he told me his dad has died. I hope his family can deal with it well enough. At least his dad lives to a ripe old age. All his sons are all grown up now.

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