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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The whole day today is spent in meetings. I attended a total of 7 meetings, all with different persons. The 1st meeting works out alright. The 2nd meeting is just a reporting of what we done to the boss. I am not sure, but I get a feeling he is not satisfied with what I report to have done for the past week.

The 3rd went out alright, but it took too long and causes me to be late for the 4th.
The 4th meeting did not go on too well. I am not equiped with enough information for it. The 5th meeting did not go very well either. A very large spanner is thrown into the works and affected a lot of stuff that we wanted done.

The last meeting did not go too well either. Again, I was not equipped with enough information.

To make it worse, I had a white board which is supposed to mount on the wall behind me, but the contractor had to arrive when me was at the meetings, and he mount it at the wrong place.

2 good thing out of the day is that I left my staff pass and book in the toilet and someone found it and returned to me. And of course, the last meeting of the day, a dinner gathering with Crystal, Sharon, Thierry, Clarice, Wizardman and Ivy.

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