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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is just some food for thought.

How do you people normally split the taxi bills when you share cab with friends. Normally what me and my friends do is just take the final bill and divide equally. Unless we live in very different directions, most of the time it works out to cost saving for all parties. However, I ever share a cab from Chinatown with a friend who lives in Jurong. We are definitely travelling in the same direction, but Jurong is actually quite far. It would have cost me $10 if I took the cab myself, but the total bill that night is $20+. So I ended paying about $11. The money is a small issue, but it just do not feel right.

Anyway, 1 day, I went to some party at my friend's place in Yishun. I left after midnight and have to take a cab home. Normally, it would take me about $25 to reach home. But I saw another friend flagging for a cab too. Although it's not directly on the way, but if we are to share a cab, it is only a slight detour to her place. Definitely worth it to share. So I took her cab.

When the cab reach her place, it's about $10.80 and she paid me $10 which I happily accepts. t that moment in time, I only thought that she saved $0.80. When it reach my place, it's about $26. Minus her $10, I saved about $9. I was glad that I share the cab with her.

Now the question is, should I have taken only $5 from her? Is it fair that I save $9 while she saved only $0.80. Some says that we should split the savings. But some says that to her, whether I am in the cab do not change anything for her. It's still the same route. There's no inconvenience for her at all. Whereas for me, I sacrifised a bit of time.

Anyway, the $5 does not matters to me. Noe did she ask me for the $5. I am just interested in what other people think.

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