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Friday, March 02, 2007

My CO told us that our next ICT will be on March 08, and that it will be our last ICT before we go into Mindef reserves. If we did not missed any ICT in the past 10 yrs. I missed 1...

Anyway, this ICT is quite different from my previous ICTs. There's no tank this time. It's a team shooting tests using our new rifles. We formed in groups of 5-7 and are given 20 targets in the day and 20 targets in the night. We have to hit 80% of them in limited time in order to earn an incentive of $200 each. I score full marks for the day, but only 4 for the night due to some problem with my weapon. Luckily my teammates are able to make up for my low score and we still managed to hit 80%.

It's a tiring day. We have to wake up very early at 5am to prepare for the shoot. And it rained the whole day making the feeling very moody in the range. By the time everything ends and we are back to camp, it's already 3am. But the feeling is still good knowing that we earned the incentive and the next day is the last day of the ICT.

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