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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's RT/IPPT. It's the last session of my RT. Unfortunately, my fate is in the balance. I missed last Sunday's session due to overslept. Normally, I can arrange for a make up session, but since it was the last weekend session, there's no more time for me to do any make up. I don't know how well will my unit take to my not completing my session, but well, it's out of my hands.

For the test stations, I always have problems with my chin-up and 2.4km. I should not have any problems with passing 2.4km after going all the RT sessions. The chin-ups remains a problem. For this test, I managed 3. I need 4 to pass. Too bad.

After failing my chin-up, I don't really have to finish my 2.4km, I only need to run a token distance. However, Phillip managed to do 4 chin-ups. He has chance of passing this IPPT if he passed his 2.4km and asked me to pace him. Even though I've failed, I can still do with the work out, so I decide to go for it. I managed a 12:35, and Phillip got 12:32. Phillip clocks a faster time because I started 10 seconds before him but I waited for him to run together. The passing time for this station is 13:00. This timing is useless for me, but Phillip passed his IPPT, so things are not too bad. I'll just try again.

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