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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I went to see the movie 300 yesterday. The movie is quite nice. It's about the gigantic Persian army attempting to conquer Greece. They were steamrolling everyone until they came up against the Spartans. King Leonidas refused to surrender to the Persian and wanted to fight them but politics prevented him from sending an army against them. He only managed to get 300 good soldiers with him on his quest to stop the Persians. Fortunately, he had with him 6700 allies. Even then, they were outnumberd tremendously. They managed to hold the Persian army off the first 2 days due to good tactics and superior fighting powers. They were eventually outflanked and killed, but their actions galvanized the rest of Greece, and 1 year later, an alliance led by the Spartans drove the Persians away.

Wrong ticket
There is 1 cock up while at the theatre. Alex bought the tickets and passed to me as he wanted to visit the Gents. As I made my way to my seat, Another couple approached the same seat. On examining our tickets, we realize that our tickets are indeed for the same seat. We were puzzled and look at the theatre number. Maybe 1 of us came to the wrong theatre, but it's correct. Then I realise that their tickets is for Tuesday while mine is for Wednesday. I wanted to tell them they've got yesterday's ticket when I realise it's Tuesday. It's my ticket that is the wrong date! I left the theatre and went to look for Alex, and we went to the counter to change the tickets.

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