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Monday, March 05, 2007

June 2006 seems to be a good time for making babies. I have 2 friends, Yokey and Benson having a child born last week. I have at least 3 more friends with babies due soon.

his princess here is Xiuqian, Yokey's first daughter. she's 4 days old at the time this picture is taken.

This hunk here is Renfred, Benson's 2nd son. He's 1 day old only.

I went to see them yesterday. They are so cute.

PS: This is not about the 2 babies. FK gave me a ride back in his car after we left the hospital where Benson is at. Xingyuan, his wife, graciously asks me to sit in the front seat. Normally I sit in the rear and the mistress of the car sits in front. It's can be a bit boring. I am ok with that, but it's nice of SY to make the offer.

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