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Friday, March 09, 2007

Macritchie Reservoir

My company has a weekly Macritchie Reservoir walk-a-jog. We engaged a fitness specialist to conduct the walk-a-jog every week. Recently, they decides to do away with the fitness specialist. Instead, they arranged for a bunch of us to take up basic fitness instructor courses so that we can conduct the walk-a-jog sessions ourselves. The course is very basic, it certainly doesn't qualify us as fitness instructors, but it was still pretty interesting. It's a 1.5 days course.

At the end of the course, on the 2nd day, we went for a walk in Macritchie Reservoir. I've not been there in a long long time. I've never joined them for the walk-a-jog session. The last time I've been to Macritchie Reservoir is during secondary school times, for our x-country race. It's a long long time ago.

The view is quite scenic. The old paths are still the same although there were some additions. There is now pathways along the banks, and there were monkeys running around. Maybe 1 of these days, I'll go for the treetop walk.

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