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Sunday, March 11, 2007

My hair has grown a bit and it's time to trim them. And with my ICT already over, I can also have my hair dyed. so I asked Sharon and Thiery to go JB today.

It's a long queue at the custom, we took quite a while to clear it. On reaching JB, we head straight to City Square and booked the movie tickets for Haunted Spirits. It's about a Thai girl who know black magic but broke some rules and hell turn loose. An average movie. It's not even scary.

The movie was for 3:30pm. We got the tickets at about 1+pm, so that leaves us 2 hours. I head for the hair saloon to have my hair done. I thought 1 hour should do it, but they took more than 2 hours and I have to miss the 1st 10 minutes of the show. Luckily it's not rally important. Anyway, here's how I look now.
New hair

After the movie, is dinner time. I've always wanted to try good rabbit meat. My colleague Desmond told me to try Megaria and Permas Jaya. They are seafood places, but they might have rabbit dishes. For today, we decide on Permas Java as it's nearer.

Seafood restaurant
This is the restaurant we went to.

Seafood restaurant
This is the whole restaurant from the front.

Seafood restaurant
This is the whole restaurant from the back.

Seafood restaurant
It overooks a fishing pond.

Seafood restaurant
They don't serve rabbits, so we have to make do with seafood. We ordered venison, fish, prawns and crabs. They are decent. Not fantastic though. The venison is too sweet for our liking. We forgot to check our wallets when we came. We have only about RM$200 with us. so we were quite apprehensive while ordering. But on hearing that they accepts credit card, we were more relaxed. We didn't overshot our cash though.

After dinner, we get a taxi back. As this place is far from town, it took a vrey long time for us to get a taxi. By the time the taxi came, it's way past 9:30pm. It's another jam at the custom and it was past 11pm when we reach Jurong East. Half the objective is achieved. We have to hope that they serve rabbit in Megaria.

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