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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am on half day off today. I leave my office at 3pm. Hardworking? Loogi? Actually I was watching TV. A TV series I was following is repeats at 2pm to 3pm. :P

Anyway, I head down to Sim Lim Square to look at digital cameras. My Panasonic FZ-1 was going gonkers, and I am thinking of getting a new 1. I am considering between the Panasonic FZ-8 and the Olympus SP550UZ. In the end, I get this:
Olympus SP550UZ

In the rest of this post, I am going to post some pictures taken with this new toy, but my article not meant to be a proper review of this camera. If you are interested in finding more about this camera, try this and this.

After gotten the camera, I walked to Stamford Court to drink tea with Kian. After that I walked to Chinatown and Capital Square to settle some credit card bills. Then, I walk to City Hall MRT to meet Fanny for dinner. Along the way, I took this picture:
Nice? Can use as wallpaper? :P

I decided to play with the zoom a bit, and took this:
CBD zoom
Pretty cool? The above 2 pictures are taken standing at the same spot.

Fanny at NYDC
We went to NYDC at Sutnec for dinner. If you find the name Fanny familiar, and seems to remember reading somewhere about her in my blog, she is not this Fanny.

This is a picture taken while I play with the macro function.

After dinner, we walk over to Esplanade. There are some displays, and I took pictures 2 of them:

Then we took a walk to Fullerton 1, and took these:
Nice? Wallpaper again? :P

Then we went to East Coast Park with Alex and Bel. Alex brought along some expired red wine and Baileys. I have stomach upsets the next day. I wonder if it's due to this.

Hong Kong cafe
Then Alex brought us to this Hong Kong style cafe near Eunos. He say the food here are very nice. There are a lot of such cafes in Singapore nowadays. I ordered an ice cream + red bean desert. It's decent.

peanut butter+condensed milk toast
I ordered a peanut butter+condensed milk toast as well. It's horrible not nice. I didn't finish it. The above picture is what's left of it.

After that, we go back home.

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