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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I arranged to meet Bel and her friend for KTV today at 2pm. Fanny supposed to come as well, but she SMS-ed me in the morning to tell me she can't make it. I forgot to tell Bel, and she made a reservation for 4. At 1:55pm, she SMS-ed me and ask me to confirm Fanny's attendance. I did not see the message until 2:05pm. When I told her, her friend has already checked in the room. K Box staff has entered us as 4 person and said that it's not possible to change. Personally, I think it's stupid. If I am there, I would kick up a big fuss. We had barely arrived, and we want to reduce the number of person and they don't let us. I would have just leave. It's ridiculous to make us pay for 1 person extra when we inform so early. But, Bel and friend are more nice than me. So we have to pay the extra. I can sense that Bel is not too happy about this, so I offered to pay Fanny's share. I don't think the fault is solely mine. I shouldn't have to pay, but well, as a form of good will, I did.

Ang Mo Kio K Box
I quite like the room. The sound system is nice. And they have 2 TV, 1 at normal level, the other nearer to the ceiling. When I sing, sometimes I like to tilt my head up. And it's nice to be able to read the words even then.

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